How It Works

StashPass is an advanced security product that allows you to manage all of your passwords offline using Island Technology. Watch the video.

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StashPass + the Stash Password Manager app work together to give you a secure, convenient way to manage all of your accounts offline.

StashPass is where your passwords are securely stored (AES-128 encryption). The Stash Password Manager app allows you to view/save passwords to your StashPass. Think of your StashPass as your locked vault and the Stash Password Manager app as your key.

To view a password stored in your StashPass, simply tap your StashPass to the back of your phone and it will be shown to you. It’s that easy.

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After you initially set it up, your StashPass will only work with your phone. StashPass is not connected to the internet either, which means no one else can access your passwords. Only you can.

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