Stash Card


Stash Card


- Organize all of your passwords in one place

- Quickly find the passwords you need using the built-in search feature

- Secure your passwords and safely store them offline (AES-128 encryption)

- Convenient design so you can easily take your Stash with you anywhere

- Stash is a one-time purchase

- No subscription fees

- Works with iPhone or Android (see product requirements below)

Key Features

- Store up to 400 accounts

- Built-in password generator

- Built-in search feature

- NFC security

- No battery/charging required

- Patent pending technology

Smartphone Requirements

- iPhone 8 or newer equipped with iOS 13 or above.


- NFC enabled Android equipped with OS: Kitkat or above.

FAQ: Whats the difference between the Stash Card and the StashPass?