"Stash works exactly as promised. I like storing my passwords on a card that I carry, rather than trusting some company on the internet to store them on an online server. I like it so much that after using it for a month, I bought a spare. I don't want to be without it now."

– Bob Y.

"Finally a password manager that gets my data off of my phone and out of the cloud and still makes it easy to use."

– Chris

Key Features

Store up to 400 accounts
Built-in password generator
Built-in search feature
AES-128 encryption
NFC security
No battery/charging required
Patent pending technology

Smartphone Requirements

iPhone 8 or newer equipped with iOS 13 or above.


NFC enabled Android equipped with OS: Kitkat or above.

Common Questions

What is the difference between the Stash Card and the StashPass?

The Stash Card and the StashPass offer the same features and functionality you can trust. They both work the same way as well.

However the StashPass is the newest version of Stash and utilizes the same industry leading 3D printing production as Gilette and New Balance for enhanced protection. It also has a new stealth design, improved button experience and an added keyring for extra convenience.

The Stash Card will soon be removed as a product offering.

Why is Stash better than writing my passwords down?

Simply put, Stash is more secure and convenient. It also isn't connected to the internet.

If you have your passwords written down somewhere, anyone can gain access to those or read them. The passwords you store in your Stash can only be accessed by you using the Stash Password Manager app on your phone.

Stash also allows you to easily search and find the passwords you need when you need them as well as easily edit them whenever you need to change a password. Stash is also easier to carry around with you and keeps your accounts better organized compared to pieces of paper, notebooks, sticky notes, etc. Stash will easily fit into your wallet, purse, pocket, phone case, etc.

Lastly, Stash has a built-in password generator that will create strong passwords for you rather than you having to come up with them all on your own.

Stash makes managing all of your passwords easy, secure and hassle-free.

What happens if I lose my Stash?

Your Stash is uniquely paired to the Stash Password Manager app on your smartphone during initial setup and the data in your Stash is also encrypted. So if you lose your Stash, your passwords cannot be accessed by anyone else.

What's the difference between Stash & the Stash Password Manager app?

Stash Password Manager is made up of 2 components: The Stash Password Manager app and a physical Stash device (StashPass). 

The physical Stash device is where your passwords are encrypted and securely stored. The Stash Password Manager app allows you to view/edit the passwords in your Stash. When you need to view one of your passwords, you simply tap your Stash to the back of your phone and it will be displayed for you.

Simply put, your physical Stash device securely stores your data while the Stash Password Manager app gives you the ability to view the passwords in your Stash.